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Small solid cubes stacked to a larger cube with a pattern of left out small cubes. Menger fractals
Interactive Menger sponges and Menger flakes.(X3D/X3DOM, P5.js/WebGL, Three.js/WebGL).
Colorful bulbs looking like stones stacked up in a square. Voronoi Diagrams
Voronoi diagram generators and animations.(rhill-voronoi, perlin.js).
A swirly cloud of dots 'randomly' dense packed throughout the cloud. Chaotic Maps
JavaScript plotters of chaotic maps and attractors.
Circular diagram with straight lines connecting points on the circumference. The lines form a net with a certain pattern. Curves obtained with n * t mod p
Diagrams of line patterns obtained with times tables modulo a number of points.
Circles just fitting within one large escribed circle with the inner-spaces between the circles filled with gradually smaller and smaller touching circles. Mutually tangent circles
Interactive circle packing fractals.
A stylistic tree. A fractal pythagoras tree L-systems plotter (experimental).
Experimental Lindenmayer systems (L-systems) plotter.(JSXGraph library).
A pattern that looks like a flat dendritic crystal like a frost pattern on a window. Brownian tree
JavaScript creating diffusion-limited aggregation patterns.
3D geometric shapes. 3D geometric shapes
Three dimensional solids in several file-formats (static and interactive).(Perlin.js, Anime.js, X3D/X3DOM, P5.js/WebGL, Three.js/WebGL)
A picture of a geometrical figure made with this app. Code your math picture
Code your math picture. With SVG output
Some lines of programming code. Code your calculation
Six times seven is?. Practising arithmetic
Practising arithmetic app. Mental calculation and the standard algorithms.
Parametric function plot. Parametric Function Plotter
Plotting parametric equations.(JSXGraph library)
A 3D function plot. Plotting a 3D function
3D function plotter.(X3D/X3DOM, P5.js)
Some math terms and their translation in Dutch. Math dictionary Dutch ↔ English
Experimenting with JavaScript AJAX and PHP to make an app to search for a math expression and its translation.
Picture of a compass drawing tool. Geo triangle info-graphic
Experimental info-graphic in HTML and SVG about how to use a geo triangle.
A map of the Netherlands with the population density per province. Population density in the Netherlands
Interactive map visualizing population densities in the Netherlands in 2014 (in Dutch).
Graphs and charts. Demographics
Interactive charts visualizing some demographic data of the Netherlands (in Dutch).(Anime.js).
A leaf icon. Maps
Some interactive SVG maps (in Dutch)
A diagram of lines as bars and dots as junctions as a model for a mechanism. Leg system of the "Strandbeest"
Animations of the bar linkage leg system of the "Strandbeest".(JSXGraph library).
A piston and crank as in a combustion engine. Combustion engines
SVG animation of a four-stroke and two-stroke combustion engine
Two gear wheels. Gear Wheels.
SVG animation of Gear Wheels
Smokey heart. Rippling & Smokey Curves
Animation of curves rippling like smoke using Perlin noise.(perlin.js).
Fractal looking blobby tube. Sweeping Blobs
Sweeping blobby circles (using Perlin noise) leaving a fancy trail.(perlin.js).
Figure with 5 curls in a circular symmetry. Plotting polyskelions.
Spiral polyskelions plotter.(JSXGraph library).
A lemniscate formed by circles gradually increasing and decreasing in diameter on a eight figure shaped curve. Plotting polyskelions 2.
Polyskelions composed of circles plotter.(JSXGraph library).
Two pumpkins. Halloween
Halloween animation in SVG, using JavaScript.
Four photos placed in perspective behind each other. Shuffle Show
A shuffle show in perspective for images.(JQuery library)
Some simple 3D construction in wire frame. 3D Wire frame manipulation
Experimental 3D Wire frame model manipulation.(P5.js library).
Picture parallel guide. 3D CAD and 3D printing article
Article about experimenting with 3D CAD (BRL-CAD) and 3D printing.