L-systems plotter (experimental) (using: JSXGraph.js)


Warning: Input in the above text area will be interpreted as JavaScript. This means that running this code might corrupt this page! So, be careful with what you put in that box! Also start with order 1 and increase with steps of 1. The number of calculations increases exponentially with the order, so a high order may "block" your browser.

The next characters are allowed in the axiom and rules:

No spaces!
FTurtle moves forward and draws a line
fTurtle moves forward without drawing
A...Z (except F and only capitals)Parameters used in the evolution, but without any turtle action
1Deleted in every iteration, except in the end where it represents F
+Turtle turns left
-Turtle turns right
|Turtle turns around (180 degrees)
[Remember position (and add to stack)
]Return to last remembered position (and delete from stack)

The scaleFactor scales the stepLength (distance of a turtle move) with this factor, each time a "[" is encountered and with the reversed factor (1/factor) each time a "]" is encountered.