Browsers and MathML

Information for users of documents with in-line MathML.

Documents on this website may contain formulas marked up in (presentation) MathML. MathML is part of HTML5 and the W3C standard for marking up formulas in web documents.

However, not all web browsers support MathML natively. Currently only Gecko-based browsers (e.g. Firefox and Camino) provide stable, yet limited, MathML support.

Documents on this website that have MathML included use the open source MathJax™ JavaScript library to help incapable browsers to render MathML properly and to improve usability. The downside is that it (considerably) slows down loading and rendering time.

Next to rendering math expressions in high-quality typography, MathJax also offers various accessibility features such as zoom functions and compatibility with screen readers for those with visual challenges. To access the menu, right-click (Windows), control-click (Mac) or double-tap and hold (touch device) on a math formula.

This website uses MathJax (v. 2.7.2) distribution via the Content Delivery Network cdnjs.