Math Apps

Animations, interactive visualizations and tools...

3D geometric shapes. 3D geometric shapes
Three dimensional solids in several file-formats (static and interactive).(Perlin.js, Anime.js, X3D/X3DOM, P5.js/WebGL, Three.js/WebGL)
A picture of a geometrical figure made with this app. Code your math picture
Code your math picture. With SVG output
Some lines of programming code. Code your calculation
Six times seven is?. Practising arithmetic
Practising arithmetic app. Mental calculation and the standard algorithms.
Parametric function plot. Parametric Function Plotter
Plotting parametric equations.(JSXGraph library)
Some math terms and their translation in Dutch. Math dictionary Dutch ↔ English
Experimenting with JavaScript AJAX and PHP to make an app to search for a math expression and its translation.
Picture of a compass drawing tool. Geo triangle info-graphic
Experimental info-graphic in HTML and SVG about how to use a geo triangle.