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My laboratory for client-side animations, interactive graphics, data visualisations and web apps.

Menger fractals
Interactive Menger sponges and Menger flakes.
(X3D/X3DOM, P5.js/WebGL, Three.js/WebGL)
Pickover Attractors
On-line plotters of Pickover Attractors and several variations.
Curves obtained with n * t mod p
Diagrams of line patterns obtained with times tables modulo a number of points.
Descartes' kissing circles
Interactive circle packing fractal.
Triplet Apollonian gasket
Interactive circle packing fractal.
Lorenz attractor plotter
JavaScript Lorenz attractor plotter, without the use of libraries.
Morphing 3D shapes
Morphing three dimensional shapes.
(Anime.js, three.js)
Brownian tree
JavaScript creating diffusion-limited aggregation patterns.
Plotting a 3D function
3D function plotter.
(X3D/X3DOM, P5.js)
Population density
Interactive map visualizing the population densities in the Netherlands (in Dutch).
Interactive carts visualizing some demographic data of the Netherlands (in Dutch).
Combustion engines.
SVG animation of a four-stroke and two-stroke combustion engine
Bar linkage "Strandbeest" leg system.
Animation of the bar linkage leg system of the "Strandbeest"
(JSXGraph library)
Code your math picture
Code your math picture.
Code your calculation
Practising arithmetic
Practising arithmetic app.
Fibonacci plants
A model for the pattern of florets in plants.
Plotting parametric equations.
Parametric equations plotter
(JSXGraph library)
Plotting Lissajous curves.
Lissajous curve plotter
(JSXGraph library)
Plotting polyskelions.
Spiral polyskelions plotter
(JSXGraph library)
Plotting polyskelions 2.
Polyskelions composed of circles plotter.
(JSXGraph library)
L-systems plotter (experimental).
Experimental Lindenmayer systems (L-systems) plotter.
(JSXGraph library)
Gear Wheels.
SVG animation of Gear Wheels
JavaScript Tree
Random trees generated using a recursive script.
2D function plotter.
2D function plotter
(JSXGraph library)
Geometric shapes
Three dimensional shapes in several file-formats.
(X3D/X3DOM, P5.js, three.js)
A free template for a simple HTML5 website.
Albert Einstein
A free template for a simple HTML5 website.
SVG line animation. Animate after clicking an SVG.
Halloween animation in SVG, using JavaScript.
Animation using HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript.
Shuffle Show
A shuffle show in perspective for images.
(JQuery library)
SVG pattern
Some pottering around with SVG patterns
3D Wire frame manipulation
Experimental 3D Wire frame model manipulation.
(P5.js library).