Algorithmic Math

Interactive algorithmic mathematical graphics...

Small solid cubes stacked to a larger cube with a pattern of left out small cubes. Menger fractals
Interactive Menger sponges and Menger flakes.(X3D/X3DOM, P5.js/WebGL, Three.js/WebGL).
Colorful bulbs looking like stones stacked up in a square. Voronoi Diagrams
Voronoi diagram generators and animations.(rhill-voronoi, perlin.js).
A swirly cloud of dots 'randomly' dense packed throughout the cloud. Chaotic Maps
JavaScript plotters of chaotic maps and attractors.
Circular diagram with straight lines connecting points on the circumference. The lines form a net with a certain pattern. Curves obtained with n * t mod p
Diagrams of line patterns obtained with times tables modulo a number of points.
Circles just fitting within one large escribed circle with the inner-spaces between the circles filled with gradually smaller and smaller touching circles. Mutually tangent circles
Interactive circle packing fractals.
A pattern that looks like a flat dendritic crystal like a frost pattern on a window. Brownian tree
JavaScript creating diffusion-limited aggregation patterns.
A stylistic tree. A fractal pythagoras tree L-systems plotter (experimental).
Experimental Lindenmayer systems (L-systems) plotter.(JSXGraph library).