Algorithmic Math

Interactive algorithmic mathematical graphics...

Small solid cubes stacked to a larger cube with a pattern of left out small cubes. Menger fractals
Interactive Menger sponges and Menger flakes.(X3D/X3DOM, P5.js/WebGL, Three.js/WebGL).
Colorful bulbs looking like stones stacked up in a square. Voronoi Diagrams
Voronoi diagram generators and animations.(rhill-voronoi, perlin.js).
A swirly cloud of dots 'randomly' dense packed throughout the cloud. Pickover Attractors
On-line plotters of Pickover Attractors and several variations.
Circular diagram with straight lines connecting points on the circumference. The lines form a net with a certain pattern. Curves obtained with n * t mod p
Diagrams of line patterns obtained with times tables modulo a number of points.
Circles just fitting within one large escribed circle with the inner-spaces between the circles filled with gradually smaller and smaller touching circles. Mutually tangent circles
Interactive circle packing fractals.
A complex spirally trajectory in a 3D space. Lorenz attractor plotters
JavaScript Lorenz attractor plotters, without the use of libraries.
Dots arranged in a circular pattern as the seeds in a sunflower. Fibonacci plants
A model for the pattern of florets in plants.
A stylistic tree. A fractal pythagoras tree L-systems plotter (experimental).
Experimental Lindenmayer systems (L-systems) plotter.(JSXGraph library).